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Automated Swing Gates

Barker and Geary provide remote control electric swing gates in a variety of materials and design styles

All produced and installed to the highest standards. We have many years experience providing high quality work in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Berkshire

We have some systems installed over 30 years ago still operating and that is what we strive for – professionally specified, installed and maintained security electric gates that last and offer reliability and peace of mind.

We believe in quality, reliability and service at a competitive price. Call us today and get a free no obligation quote from our experienced team.

How automated swing gates work

The operator is the mechanical part of the gate that controls the movement, either opening or closing the gate. This can be in the form of making the gate slide open or making the each gate panel open away from each other.

The operator controls the movement of the gate through carefully regulated pressure, this is variable to allow for the unique characteristics of each installation. Operators lock in different fashions, they can lock open or lock closed, they can also lock in both positions or be non-locking in both directions.

The speed of the operator is variable (opening and closing of the gates); this is to allow adjustments for safety, the installation situation and also for your requirements.

There are two main categories of operator, above ground and under ground. The type that will suit you depends on the type of gates you wish to use, the environmental conditions and also the aesthetics of the installation.

Underground Operator

Completely hidden! The underground motor is the most functional and desirable solution for every type of swing gate. It is the best way to automate a gate without altering its shape or design.

Hydraulic drives have fewer moving parts than mechanical equivalent giving extended life but this is reflective in price.

Designed to be concealed underground and positioned flush within your driveway, below the gate hinge, and as such, virtually invisible and are aesthetically pleasing,. Popular on heavy decorative wrought iron and timber gates. The drive shaft is attached to the bottom of the gate acting as the lower hinge so when the shaft axle rotates your gate opens/closes. These Units are available in Hydraulic and electromechanical versions.

Post Operator

This form of automation is particularly popular on wooden five bar farm type gates, although it is equally suited to most timber and wrought iron gate designs. It should be noted that on certain installations, it may be necessary to remove a small section of the gate post to allow the motor to be mounted correctly.

Articulated Arms are electromechanical, the articulated arms have a versatile design and can be positioned on any size post/pillar and so can achieve more complex opening configurations

These units are available in both Hydraulic & Electromechanical, and have the capability to cater for residential, Condominium & Industrial usages; the ram operators are compact, elegant with a streamline profile allowing perfect and discreet integration with any type of gate.

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