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Domestic Fencing

A garden fence can have many purposes – providing shelter, security, privacy and an attractive backdrop.

Whether your new garden fencing is for protection or decoration, we have the fencing solution to suit your every need.The domestic fencing we can offer is suitable for homes and gardens, and is available in many types of materials, including timber, steel and concrete. There are a number of ways of achieving a functional and eye-pleasing fence around your house or garĀ¬den. Barker and Geary stock a massive range of domestic fencing products to achieve your desired results that meets your needs and budget and looks superb.

Various types and sizes of gates can be offered either to match the fencing required. All timber used is sourced from F.S.C supplies where possible and pressure treated British Standards

Lap Panels

One of the most popular products today. Used as a wooden type of screen fencing in many gardens and can be decorated with a range of trellis tops and decorative post caps This type of fencing is simple to erect making it an excellent choice for any garden. All panels come complete with a double chamfered cap. Available in a fully treated version.

Close Board Panels

Increasing in popularity as a robust alternative to the lap panel. It is used for providing both privacy and security in domestic situations.A very strong, durable panel made from 38mm x 38mm framing with 100mm x 22mm gravel boards. It is clad with 5″ vertical feather edge pales. All nails used are galvanized annular ringed shanks.


Trellis can be erected as a fence in itself or added to panel/close board fencing. Trellis is a universal item; it can be used for screening, decoration, or division within the garden. Our trellis are manufactured by ourselves on site from 38mm x 19mm battens to all different sizes.

European panels KDM

An important feature when purchasing from this European range of fence panel products is that they are dual faced, therefore they can be appreciated from both sides, enabling the cost to be shared between neighbours. All of the European Fencing products are manufactured from selected softwood, stainless steel fixings and pressure treated with a high quality preservative.


Traditional hurdles are made from wattle, usually of hazel. Hurdle-making is a traditional woodland craft, done by placing upright sticks in holes in a log and weaving split branches between them. Historically they were used to pen livestock or to separate land in open field systems, but they are now popular as decorative fencing for gardens.


We maintain a wide range green pressure treated sawn timber fencing posts, including the much sought after round wooden fencing poles. Unusually, we are one of the few companies offering a selection of sized round timber poles, which can be used as posts and also for very sturdy fencing, this material is very sculptural in its presentation and can be used very creatively in modern garden design. Wooden fence posts supplied by Barker and Geary Ltd do not require additional fence post preservation as the timber is tanalized prior to being cut to size. As well as stocking fence posts we also carry a wide range of sawn timber gravel boards, rails, arris rails, capping rails and featheredge.

Concrete Products

A large range of concrete posts and gravel boards available. If you want a fence to outlast your self this is by far the best product to use. We keep a range of Morticed, slotted posts as well as gravel boards and post suitable for chain link fencing.

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